Green Valley Aromatherapy - Cajaput - 5ml

Cajuput essential oil comes from a tree. Its leaves and twigs are steam distilled to create an essential oil that is yellowish-green in color. Some of the countries that produce Cajaput essential oil are Malaysia and several far Eastern countries. It is also known as white Tea Tree and "kaju-puti" means "white wood".

Cajuput essential oil belongs to the melaleuca group which includes all the eucalyptus essential oils, clove essential oil and myrtle essential oil. The main property shared by all members of this essential oil family is their ability to combat, and sometimes even prevent, infection. Its active principles are cineol (between 45% and 65%) with terpineol, pinene and other aldehydes.

Because of its penetrating camphor-like aroma, Cajaput essential oil is also used with excellent results when dealing with bronchitis and tuberculosis, or any issues surrounding the lungs. This makes it great to use in steam inhalations.

Cajaput essential oil has a history of being used as an insecticide and parasiticide, particularly to repel lice and fleas.

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