Goddesses and Sirens Cards

DEMO DECK ON CLEARANCE 1/2 PRICE! There was a time when goddesses and gods, the Feminine and Masculine Divine, were honoured as two halves of a creative whole. Over time, our understanding of that sacred union has become distorted, and the Divine Feminine became feared, disrespected, and almost lost to the world. Again, she rises!

With 40 dramatically illustrated oracle cards and a detailed guidebook to get you started, Goddesses and Sirens invokes the power of the great feminine to offer real guidance, powerful spells and invocations, and limitless inspiration.

This powerful deck invites you to rediscover the spirit of the Feminine Divine. Learn to connect and utilize this energy to solve modern problems with the profound creativity, love, strength, and joy of this timeless feminine wisdom.

By Stacy Demaro and Illustrated by Jimmy Manton

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Category: goddess, oracles

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