Goddess Statue - Isis - 4.5"

This exquisite white resin Statue of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis is handcrafted in Oregon, USA by Mission Studios, and is part of their "Goddess" Collection. The height of this statue is approximately 4.5 inches.

Isis is the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom.

In myth, Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky. She married her brother, Osiris, and she conceived Horus with him. Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris when he was murdered by Set. Using her magical skills, she restored his body to life after having gathered the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Set.

During the Greco-Roman period, it was believed that the Nile River flooded every year because of the tears of sorrow which Isis wept for Osiris. Osiris's death and rebirth was relived each year through rituals.

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