Glimpses, Fifty Poems by Jim Quigley

We are delighted to offer this beautiful, hand-bound book of exquisite poetry.  Since its publication in the spring of 2016, he has received wonderful reviews of the book.  Here are some of them:

“I feel that it is one of the most exquisitely beautiful books I have ever seen, in every dimension..The whole book shines with the radiance of your aesthetic, which is love … I feel tears coming as I ponder all that went into these poems: the full-on, in depth, playful and fierce living of your beautiful life.“

“I picked up my copy this weekend at the retreat and I am so delighted! It’s really beautiful and full of real wisdom – each poem is a meditation that I will treasure each time I reread.”

“I am delighted and touched by this beautiful collection of heart and soul filled Truth.  Thank you for sharing your gift, Jim.  I am blessed to know and love you.  And I believe it was a collaborative effort and how wonderful that you have such wonderful friends and community to witness and appreciate you.  Your Muse is blessing us all.”

“I am absolutely blown away by your book. Each word takes my breath away and requires a bigger breath next time.”

“I was listening to an interview with someone who said that literature was about speaking to the deepest truth about who we are as humans. And you have done this with such spare language as to create spaciousness and wonder around all that is hard and tight within me. I have not the energy or the words to say how beautiful this book is. My favorites so far are: Letting go and Becoming the Music. Oh, and Did You Remember Your Mother?!  Congratulations. I know what it takes to create something like this.”

“I want to let you know that I brought your lovely, hand bound book, Glimpses.  It is beautiful in all ways.  From the words you have gifted, to the paper used, the beautiful layout of the book, the way it is put together and the simplicity of the artwork.  Thank you.”

“… the poems are simple, but so transformative. I am glad that you are sharing them. In fact, I felt lifted to another level of consciousness, and have done a lot of reflecting on my life, prompted by your writing. Your book is a real treasure to me. I expect to reread it often.”

We hope that this book will inspire and uplift you on your journey through life.

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