Garden Witch's Herbal

Green Magick Herbalism and Spirituality

Enrich your craft - and your spirit - by working with the awesome energies of nature. In this follow-up to Garden Witchery, Ellen Dugan takes us further down the path of green magick, revealing the secret splendors of the plant kingdom. From common herbs and flowers to enchanted shrubs and trees, Dugan digs up the magickal dirt on a wide variety of plant life. Encouraging witches to think outside the window box, she shares ideas for incorporating your garden's bounty into spellwork, sabbat celebrations, and more. Tips for container gardening ensure that city witches can get in on the green action, too.

This stimulating guide to green witchery - featuring botanical illustrations of nearly fifty fascinating specimens - will inspire you to personalize your craft and fortify your connection to the earth.

Available in softcover

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Category: magic, witchcraft, witchy, world religions

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