Future is Yours by Raymon Grace

True Stories about Dowsing, Spontaneous Healing, Ghost Busting, and the Incredible Power of the Mind
This is a book about finding and using your personal power so that you can change your life and the lives of your friends and family. In short, it is self-empowerment made simple.
Raymon Grace, mountain man, dowser, healer, and font of folk wisdom has written this book for three reasons:

To inspire readers to imagine what would be possible if you had greater mental abilities; to fully imagine what life would be like if they were able to harness the power of the mind.
To convince readers that they have that power within themselves. They just have to cultivate them and to learn to use them.
To understand the responsibilities that come with the development and use of the power of thought.
What follows are numerous down-home stories, examples of what happens when real people learn to use their personal power to heal themselves. Included here are stories of spontaneous healings, space clearing, the amazing powers of the pendulum, dowsing, energy raising, exorcism and tapping into the power of spirit guides.

This is a book for anyone interested harnessing the power of the mind, healing, getting the most out of life, and the incredible potential of tapping into the power of unseen worlds.

Availble in softcover

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