Feathered Omens Set

A little bird told me...

Nature speaks to us everyday throughout our lives, gifting us with animal encounters while we're asleep and awake. These encounters are often messages, omens and signs from the spirit world. Because they move naturally from the earth to the sky or from one realm to another, birds are the most frequent messengers from the World of Spirit. With their wings of angels, they bring us answers and guidance.

If you're asking, "What should I do? When should I act? What is going to unfold? Where are events leading?" then this deck by the always wonderful Ted Andrews may be singing a song to your soul.

Now these angelic and spirit bird encounters can be understood more clearly. Drawing upon decades of experience with wildlife education and a lifetime of studying and communing with the spirit world, Ted Andrews has created a powerful tool for divining possibilities, developing intuition and understanding messages from the spirit world.

This oracle's clarity, amazing accuracy and ease of use will be a refreshing surprise. You will be able to use Feathered Omens from the moment it is opened.

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