Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing

by Margaret Ann Lembo

This is an A-Z guide to 60 essential oils that also brings together the combination of flower remedies, gemstones essences, and other vibrational elements that can be incorporated for enhanced healing practice.

The beginning chapters outline the history of essential oils and how to use them as well as other elements that can be used in combination with the oils to enhance your practices. These include flower essences, gemstone essences, holy water, divine messengers, chakras, zodiac, planets, numbers, and animals.

From there, 60 essential oils are detailed. For each essential oil she includes:

-Name of Oil
-Key Phrase
-Botanical Name
-Common Method of Extraction
-Parts Used
-Complementary Flower Essences
-Complementary Stones
-About the Plant
-Chemical Components
-Astrological Sign(s)
-Spiritual Uses
-Mental Uses
-Emotional Uses
-Physical Uses
-Therapeutic Properties
-Divine Guidance
-For Your Safety
-Interesting Tidbits
The final appendices section provides further information on working with each of these vibrational elements (essential oils, flower remedies, gemstones, and other elements). An extensive glossary is also included.

Available in softcover

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