Emotional Healing Meditation

Despite our best intentions, we often have trouble dealing effectively with strong emotions. What if you had a conscious, skillful way to respond in times of anger, fear, jealousy, shame and other powerful emotions?
Meditations for Emotional Healing gives us a collection of insights and practices for bringing compassion, clarity and understanding to our emotional lives - instead of expressing or repressing them in unhealthy ways.

Leading meditation teacher and clinical psychologist Tara Brach guides us through a transformative series of exercises to cultivate greater self-acceptance and emotional liberation. Meditations include:

how to work with trauma, fear and shame
forgiveness meditation
compassion meditation
invoking loving presence in the face of difficulty
the power of yes.
As Tara puts it, "When we touch what is painful with awareness, the armoring around our heart melts and we become more tender and kind." Meditations for Emotional Healing is an invitation to return to our natural state - at peace with what is, energetically whole and spiritually free. 

By Tara Brach

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