Dowsing Beyond Duality by David & Erina Cowan

Access Your Power to Create Positive Change

David Cowan's first book, Navigating the Collapse of Time, introduced readers to the consciousness shift in 'reality' that we are currently experiencing. Dowsing Beyond Duality draws on those principles and theories and presents an easy and powerful means to keep our energy balanced in this time of great change. Working with Erina Cowan, David Cowan presents a comprehensive course based on the Course in Miracles principle that we know all we need to know within our divine selves. The Cowans teach us to use the science of spiritual dowsing to access physical, mental and emotional healing.

Dowsing Beyond Duality goes well beyond just getting 'yes and no' answers from a pendulum. The Cowans show how to use the pendulum - not only to find lost objects or make daily decisions - but also to deepen self-realization, to move beyond the duality of the third dimension, and create positive change in life and in the world. With more than 75 charts, the authors guide readers through specific movements of the pendulum that release limiting beliefs and unconscious resistance.

Dowsing Beyond Duality shows readers how to use spiritual dowsing to deepen self-realization and find truth and peace of mind in their lives.

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