Crystal Resonance by Kerry Nelson Selman

Combining Gemstones, Essensial Oils, and Flower Essences for Enhanced Well-Being

Crystal Resonance explores how combining the gifts from Mother Earth can enhance our connection to higher guidance, Higher Self, Spirit, or Archangels. Vibrational wellness and well-being are restored and we are empowered to embrace a life of purpose, grace, and wonder of All That Is.

The synergy of specific combinations of crystals, essential oils, flower essences, and practices facilitate our reconnection with all that we are in this life-enhancing book. Self-responsibility, self-determination, and self-worth are inherent in each of us as human beings, our birthright, and we get to choose every step of the way. The choice to enhance our innate connection with All That Is remains with each of us; for those who enjoy honoring the Spirit within, the synergy of the combined gifts from the Earth and Beyond are there just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Available in softcover.

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