Crystal Ball - Reconstituted Quartz - Various Sizes

Crystal balls aren't just for gypsies and fortune tellers - their beautiful energy and symmetyrical shape appeal to many. The vibrational qualities lend a soothing and healing atmosphere to any environment.

These fine Crystal Balls are made from reconstituted Quartz Crystal. Manufactured by first pulverizing and then melting together a powder of pure natural quartz and small percentage of glass. No lead is used in the process. The balls are then hand-carved from a solid clear block. The high quartz content results in a gorgeous and clear ball.

These crystal balls are a great addition for anyones collection of feng shui items (they may be placed in a specific corner for energy flow) and can also be used for meditation purposes.These are the most common uses and can be used for any type of scrying or gazing. Their electrical properties awaken spiritual insight and vision.

Please select the size of crystal ball you would like from the list below - the centimetres shown refer to the circumference of the ball. Each crystal ball comes with a wooden display stand.

If you are looking for further guidance around how to work with your crystal ball, we also offer books that may be of assistance on your path. Crystal balls are also available in lavender as well.

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