Coloring Mandalas 3

Circles of the Sacred Feminine

Coloring Mandalas 3 invites readers to a creative encounter with the sacred feminine through interactive engagement with mandala designs based on ancient European artifacts, contemporary religious iconography, and traditional tantric art. Coloring these circular designs, which symbolize the wholeness of the self, is a relaxing, meditative activity that both adults and children enjoy. Included are 46 designs for coloring, plus 4 blank circles with instructions for drawing your own geometric mandala. Full-color illustrations provide inspiration and reveal the full range of the sacred feminine, from gentle and motherly to fierce and challenging. An introductory essay traces the stream of the sacred feminine from Neolithic sources through modern Asian traditions and the work of contemporary western scholars of psychology and religion. Building on her previous books, Susanne Fincher highlights connections between the archetypal imagery of circles and the Divine as a feminine presence.

Available in softcover

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Category: art, colouring book, meditation

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