Colour Energy - Silk Eye Pillow - Rainbow Colours

Luxuriously filled with organic lavender blossoms and flax seeds. Relax your eyes, soothe your mind, and calm your spirit.

Simply place this beautiful silk eye/body pillow over your eyes, on the correlating chakra, or where needed. The perfectly balanced weight of the flax seeds and peaceful scent of lavender will help to release any stress, while soothing your soul and psyche.

Use this high quality eye/body pillow while resting or napping and to relieve any eye strain.

Can also be used to enhance meditation.

The silk cover is removable, for washing purposes.

Measures 3.5" by 9"

Available in red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, lavender, indigo, violet or pink.

Collections: personal care

Category: colour energy, meditation

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