Colour Energy - Grapefruit Essential Oil - 10ml

Essential oils are the life force in every living plant, providing benefits that enhance and enrich the body, mind, and soul.

Colour Energy's Grapefruit essential oil assists with energizing, detoxifying, and is also a skin toner. This oil resonates with the solar plexus chakra.

A highly cheerful, euphoric and antidepressant oil (said to help to address drug addiction). Grapefruit is thought to be very helpful in the digestion of fatty foods and therefore is excellent for weight loss. Aids lymphatic drainage, cellulite, fluid retention and blood circulation. Grapefruit is a great tonic for the nerves and skin problems such as oily skin, acne and cellulite. Helps with PMS symptoms and counteracts jetlag. Said to promote hair growth. Grapefruit eases grief caused by emotional or mental abuse. Helps one to cope with feelings of resentment and envy by building up one's self-assurance. Grapefruit brings alertness, new thoughts, and opens one up to new possibilities.

Product contains 10ml (0.35oz) of 100% Pure Essential Oil.

Add 5-6 drops of essential oil to a bath, or use in an aromatherapy diffuser.

External use only. Do not use undiluted. Avoid eye area and if epileptic or pregnant. Information provided here does not substitute professional medical care or advice - it is your responsibility to ensure you will not have any problem with use of this product.

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