Colour Energy Chakra Soap

Looking to enhance, balance and clear your energy gates of your body. Bathe your body with this biofeedback energy enhanced chakra soap. Use in the shower, bath or wash your hands daily to heal your chakras. Buy one individual chakra or several different chakra soaps to open the energy flow in your body and reveal your hidden gem stone inside which your can carry around with you to continue to bring the balance and healing in your life.

Root Chakra - insecurity, stability, power, grounding

Sacral Chakra - Hope, happiness, comfort, creativity, willingness

Solar Plexus - Purpose, priority, interest in life, Trust, Joy

Heart - Self love, self priority, self acceptance, relationships, compassion

Throat - Communication, freedom, openness, fear od confrontation, standing up for self, negative self talk

Third Eye - Personal direction, vision, self view, purpose, insight, clarity

Crown - Ability to let go, relax, comfort, connection to spirit, grounding

Cosmic - Love, healing, connection, universal light, protection

Thymus - Faith, tranquility, releasing fear, patience, communication

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