Chakra Workbook by Pauline Wills

Rebalance Your Body's Vital Energies

The chakra system originates in ancient Hindu tradition and is linked with the science and practice of yoga. In the Tantric tradition, the chakra system is responsible for weaving together our polarity and our mind, body and spirit.

If we were to see our chakras, we would see wheels of spinning energy. Each one rotates at a different speed, and in harmony with the others. If chakras fall out of alignment, then people fall ill, either physically or mentally, or both. Working to balance your chakras is a holistic way to maintain health and well-being. Written for both the complete beginner and for those who have some knowledge of this ancient system, Chakra Workbook is packed with practical exercises that the reader can do easily at home.

You'll learn to
- Harmonize your seven major chakras
- Work with practical exercises
- Awaken and revitalize your own natural energy

Available in softcover

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