CD Tao of Peace

Tao of Peace is the much anticipated follow up the best-selling, award-winning TAO OF HEALING. This stunning collaboration by sound healing pioneer flautist Dean Evenson and Chinese zither master Li Xiangting builds cross-cultural bridges of peace between East and West. Ideal for yoga, Feng Shui, all healing arts and anyone wishing to relieve stress and enhance their meditation practice.

Dean Evenson: Silver Flute, Keyboards
Li Xiangting: Guqin (Chinese Zither), Xiao (vertical bamboo flute)
Dudley Evenson: Handharp, tamboura
Phil Heaven: Viola
Brian Cisneros: Percussion
Jason Darling: Chimes, Bells

01. Snow in Woods Poem (6:55)
02. Path Through the Forest (7:16)
03. listen Full Apple Tree (5:04)
04. Buds on Trees in Springtime (9:26)
05. Stillness at Midnight (8:08)
06. listen Grass Reflecting on Pond (6:45)
07. listen Green Lake in the Woods (4:34)
08. Slow Samba (6:01)br> 09. Green Quiet Mountain(6:01)


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