CD Sitar Secrets

Al Gromer Khan is a sitar player who enjoys experimenting with the well-known classical Indian instrument by blending techno beats and spacey studio dubs with the twisting pressed fingers on his frets. The music on Sitar Secrets offers ambiance and delivers a rather sensual feel to the world music genre.

1 I Got Vilayat Khan's Blessing 4:11
2 Raga Ahir Bhairav Alaap  6:05
3 Raga Ahir Bhairav Gat  6:11
4 Raga Sarasvati   14:08
5 PB's Bombay Club  2:36
6 A Bageswari Poem  3:20
7 A Tantric Song   2:26
8 Raga Tilak Kamod  5:35
9 Caru Caru   3:10

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