Canadian Art Prints - Art Card by Lawren S. Harris - "Snow Fantasy"

Lawren S. Harris  (1885-1970)  " Snow Fantasy"

This 6"x9" art card of Harris's painting "Snow Fantasy" c. 1917, depicts trees in a Canadian forest
laden with snow. The card is blank inside and the card  is suitable for framing.  An envelope is included.

Lawren S. Harris was born in Brantford, Ontario into a wealthy family , which freed him from the necessity of working to earn a living, and allowed him to concentrate on his art throughout his life.  Harris was the main catalyst and leader in the creation of the Group of Seven in 1920, motivated by his belief in the need for a distinctly Canadian art movement. During the 1920's, Harris's works became more abstract and simplified, especially his stark landscapes of the Canadian North and Artic.  He also stopped signing his works so that people would judge his works on their own merit.  In 1969 he was made a companion of the Order of Canada. Artist bio is printed on back of card.


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