Buddha Figurines

These red and gold polyresin Happy Buddhas are 3" high.  Each has a different posture and reflects its own purpose or intent.

There are three versionsof the Happy Buddha available for Abundance:

with Ru-Yi (Ingot) overhead
with Wealth Balls overhead
with Ru-Yi and Wu-Lou (gourd)

There are two versions of the  3" Happy Buddha for Safe Travels:

with Ru-Yi (Ingot)
with Wu-Lou (gourd)

and one Happy Buddha for Spiritual Journeys! Please see photos to view the different postures and options.

The Ru-Yi is known as the bowl of plenty (it is also the shape of Chinese ingots) and signifies plenty, abundance, and wealth.

The bag is said to be filled with blessings (including children) that the Happy Buddha distributes freely.

The parasol deflects misfortune, thereby offering protection.

The Buddha waves the fan to banish troubles and misfortune.

The Wu-Lou (gourd) is a symbol of longevity and good health.

The wealth ball is sometimes seen as a pearl. In China, the pearl represents immortality, potentiality, and wisdom. Treasure dragons were believed to live in caves deep in the earth and to possess a magical pearl that multiplied if it was touched. This pearl was a symbol of the most valuable treasure, wisdom.

The necklace of beads is the mala, the Buddhist string of prayer beads.

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