Bothered By My Green Conscience

How an SUV-driving, imported-strawberry-eating urban dweller can go green

You've changed all your light bulbs and switched to cloth bags at the grocery store. You recycle cans and bottles and you don't print out that e-mail unless you absolutely have to. What's next?

Using her signature style of lively drawings mixed with photos and hand drawn text, artist Franke James shows how we can meet the global warming challenge with imagination and creativity. Five vibrant, dynamic, full-color visual essays present refreshing and insightful ideas that make climate change personal:

  • My SUV and Me Say Goodbye -- Tackle global warming by doing the hardest thing first
  • Green Eccentric Glamour -- Whittle down your wardrobe, wear only your fabulous favorites
  • The Real Poop on Social Change -- Change bubbles up from the grassroots
  • Paradise Unpaved -- Fight city hall and get back to the garden
  • To My Future Grandkids in 2020 -- an environmental time capsule

Bothered by My Green Conscience is a must-read for anyone who is concerned about climate change and ready to take the next step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Fun, engaging, humorous and upbeat, this book is an ideal gift for anyone in your life who is seeking inspiration to create change.

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