The Bone Broth Secret

This book focuses on taking a fresh, simple, and fun approach to one of the oldest healing forms of nourishment: bone broth. Bone broth is a rich, flavorful broth made of bones and meat scraps ... basically it's your leftovers liquefied! Louise Hay and Heather Dane call it the meal that keeps on giving.

Bone Broths Made Easy is an easy-to-read resource, with full-color photos. Topics include getting started, the history of broth, inspiring reasons to spend time in the kitchen, and a love letter to omnivores (what to do when you care about animals and yet your body needs animal protein) ... plus recipes for:

Basic Broths
Basic Fumet
Soups, 5-Minute Soups & Thermos Soups
Main Dishes, Meats & Stews
Sauces, Dips & Dressings
Grains, Breads & Pancakes
Medicinal Elixirs & Healing Remedies
... and more!
Easy to digest, bone broth has many benefits:
Helps "heal and seal" your gut; this is fantastic for leaky gut or any chronic illness or autoimmune disease, which are often rooted in gut issues
Helps boost collagen for supporting good skin health, including younger-looking skin and reduced cellulite
Boosts the health of your nails and hair
Supports bone health;reduces joint pain and inflammation
Full of important minerals that are the sparkplugs of energy in your body
You can use it to flavor stews, grains, meat, sauces, and more. It is the secret to going from a good recipe to a gourmet recipe! You can also drink it on its own as a healing elixir to sip during the day. Join Louise and Heather as they share their favorite recipes;along with menus, shopping lists, beauty tips, and remedies;and show you how you can make bone broth so easy ... it's effortless.  

By Louise Hay & Heather Dane

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