Be the Change Deck for Kids

Created by a family, for families, this 52-card deck plants weekly seeds of inspiration empowering children to make authentic, positive changes and react consciously to situations in their lives. Mahatma Gandhi said we can "Be the change we wish to see in this world." And we believe him!

Your child may choose a card a week, a card a day, or a card any time it tickles their fancy. This deck is a tool used to articulate abstract ideas, develop personal empowerment, engage in meaningful conversations, stimulate imagination, and to help your child to look for ways to embrace, understand and act on new experiences.

How to use BTC Cards:

1. Shuffle the deck and have your child choose one card.
2. Discuss the concept and point out relevant experiences to assist your child to understand the meaning.
3. Throughout the week, help your child notice how they experience the essence of the card in different situations and how the choices they make affect the outcome.

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