Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom by Acharya Shunya

A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy
Ayurveda teaches us that true health is our birthright - and that by artfully adapting to the rhythms of nature, we can bring ourselves back into balance and experience optimal well-being. Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom is a groundbreaking work within the field of holistic health and traditional yoga, written by internationally renowned Ayurvedic healer, teacher, and scholar Acharya Shunya.

With Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, Shunya maintains the integrity of Ayurveda's traditional teachings while showing us how to integrate them into our modern lifestyles. Through her in-depth teachings, we learn to live in a way that supports our greatest health through daily ritual, nourishing food, spiritual practice, and self-care. Highlights include:

-Detailed instructions for a nourishing daily routine, organized by time of day and aligned with seasonal changes
-Clear, accessible guidance in the basic principles of Ayurveda, as transmitted through an uninterrupted lineage of Ayurvedic healers
-Dozens of recipes, along with advice for structuring your meals according to the season, your constitution, and your unique health needs
-A treasury of lifestyle teachings and wellness practices-meditation and rituals for self-care and pleasure, daily cleansing routines, and working with the doshas (energetic body types)
-An approach to healing both practical and spiritual-restore your body to health with holistic lifestyle guidance, rather than a list of rigid rules or do's and don'ts
-Beauty routines and rituals, including recipes for homemade scrubs, oil blends, gargles, and more
-How modern lifestyles contribute to chronic disease, and how to restore vital health through Ayurveda
-Experience greater physical energy, more joy, better sleep, increased sexual pleasure, improved digestion, stronger immunity, and many other benefits in mind, body, and soul

Available in softcover

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