Assorted Lucky Elephants

Lucky elephants! These Feng Shui statues are meticulously crafted and have been skillfully detailed and molded from red polyresin and finished with black antiquing. Each elephant is approximately 2.75" in height. We will choose one especially for you.

In many Asian cultures, the elephant is considered a sacred animal. In others, it is regarded as the most wondrous creature ever created and is greatly admired. According to Buddhist beliefs, elephants are celestial animals and one of the sacred treasures of Buddha. Throughout time, these regal animals have come to symbolize many things. In the application of feng shui, the elephant is considered a sacred symbol. Although it is often used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength and fertility, it can also be used to symbolize longevity, good luck and success. It can act as the grantor of wishes and as the protector of the household.

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