Aromatherapy Candle Oil Burner - Ceramic - Celestial Design

This dark blue, brown, green or white, celestial-themed oil burner features stars and moon to transport anyone to the heavens as they enjoy their favourite essential oil...

The bowl portion is removable for ease of use when refilling with water. It cradles on the top of the burner and can even swing gently from side to side. There is a wide slot in the back to insert and remove a tealight candle.

Measures 5" high, and the circumference is just over 3".

Essential oils are not included, but please feel free to see the many pleasant aromas we have available online, if you'd like to try something new (or if you have a trusty favourite). We carry sustainably harvested aromatherapy products from reputable sources.  Give us a messageor a call if we can help you decide.



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Category: aromatherapy, essential oil

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