Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion

Book and CD Set
This anthology is a collection of what eight Arcturians have to say, including Sanat Kumara, Yeshua ben Joseph, and Mary Magdalen. From the Science Officer, to their Akashic Librarian, to an Arcturian Warrior, a Medical Officer and a Meditation Master, they bring forward the issues they struggle with, their concerns, and their choice about how to further help humanity.

It is an expanded view of reality, a higher dimensional view brought to Earth by Tom Kenyon's amazing ability to contact and communicate with beings from other dimensions. Arcturians are brilliant, fearless and highly evolved. They have been, and will continue to be, our guardians and protectors.

The book includes a companion CD of the Nakura, an Arcturian sound meditation for exploring other dimensions of consciousness and the channeled sounds from an Arcturian Re-Genesis Chamber - all of them using Tom Kenyon's almost four-octave voice.

Book available in softcover

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