Angel Dogs with a Mission

Divine Messengers in Service to All Life

This engaging book expands the successful Angel Animals series to include stories about working dogs - those heroic canines who have found ways to give back more than sloppy kisses and happy snuggles to the people around them. Although many of these dogs were once abandoned or abused, they discover their life's work assisting humans and other dogs. They include Keno, an avalanche-rescue dog who saves lives in Canada; Midge, the littlest police dog in the world; Zoom, a Cardigan Welsh corgi who helps special-needs children improve their reading scores; and Scooby Doo, a Great Dane who saves his family from a burning home.
The stories demonstrate again and again how dogs act in selfless, helpful ways and will go out of their way to assist the humans in their lives. Whether they are visiting ailing elders at care facilities, sniffing cancer before it can be diagnosed any other way, leading the blind, or assisting trauma surgeons in Iraq, these animals go beyond the call of duty. Poignant, funny, and devastating, the stories of these heroic dogs will entertain readers while they also challenge and inspire.

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