And You Shall Choose Life

Preceding the time these essays were written in 1933-34, Kabbalah was considered taboo. But Rav Ashlag, the founder of The Kabbalah Centre, was a visionary pioneer. He stood in the face of opposition and made it his mission to plead the case of studying this wisdom. In advance of World War II, he foresaw that darkness would fall upon the world. He believed that learning Kabbalah was the only way for people to reveal Light and that gathering people together in study and writing kabbalistic text would generate enough Light to transform darkness.Like a revolutionary, Rav Ashlag fought for people to unlock their consciousness. He dedicated himself to decoding the concealed messages within the Bible. Edited by Michael Berg, the goal of this essay was to implore the study of Kabbalah. It was Ashlag's belief that this would enable people to find their true purpose and subsequently enjoy a life of fulfillment.As people were swept up in pain and suffering, Ashlag tried to explain that despite outer events, the Creator is good. "Choosing life means challenging the sleepy way most people live. It means forming a connection to God, removing ego and pursuing the spiritual path of Kabbalah.


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