Ancestral Incense - 20 Sticks

Incense of the highest quality, with a base of the purest essential oils. Its smell is very agreeable and creates an atmosphere of purity and freshness which lasts long after the incense stick has burned. Made in Canada.

AMBER: Its magical side has an influence on the subtle atmosphere by purifying it of all negative influence. It clears the mind and helps projects success. It is used in rituals, in ceremonies and in invocations.

CANNABIS: Cannabis has great purifying powers. It eliminates all forms of impure thoughts. It is a great antiseptic and purifier. It has the ability to protect your skin, reduce stress and anxiety, improve the quality of sleep, boost appetite, optimize digestion, reduce pain, prevent certain cancers, and protect heart health

CHAMPA SUPREME: We will discover the mystic and transcending aroma of Champa incense being used in India during ceremonies in the temples and in meditations in the ashrams. You might live a spiritual experience too.

FRANKINCENSE: Uplifting – Frankincense is considered a holy oil in many religions and is commonly used for spiritual purposes. It is thought to induce meditative states, reduce tension and stress, and lift the spirit. Frankincense helps to strengthen the immune system and fight against cancer, asthma and infections like colds and coughs.

MYRRHE: Myrrh is used for vitality and mysticism. It promotes and improves relations with others.

BENZOIN: Its magical side acts on the intellect by making it more subtle. Great purifying power, it eliminates all forms of impure and crude thoughts. It is an antiseptic and a purifier.

DRAGON'S BLOOD: Dragon Blood is used in many mystical and spiritual rituals. This powerful oil can be used to enhance magic, space clearing and to purify negative energy. Dragon’s blood is the plant of attraction, let its powerful money and love-drawing properties help you attract all that you desire.

SANDALWOOD:  Its magical side acts as a protection and increases one’s chances of healing. Increases willpower and spirituality. Acts on one’s inner self, cleanses the atmosphere of negative influences, increases receptivity and inspires devotion. Facilitates the cleansing of the subtle bodies and grants an occult protection.

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