American Buddha

American Buddha was written to help shift the reader into an Awakened Consciousness. There are many aspects of this experience that are being made available to the reader for the first time in this book. To quote the Author, "American Buddha is simply your Soul speaking to it self. The words are just a cover. The words are there just to pacify your mind. It is not the words; rather, it is the state that they will bring you to that is important. These words are a kind of gateway. There is a silence associated with them that is significant. If they are read, just know that you will gain a foothold in the area beyond your mind. You will come to know your Soul intimately. You will come to know your inmost Self. You will taste eternity. You will gradually awaken from a million lifetimes of sleep and you will know your Divinity. In the end, you will come to live the wisdom of the Saints from time immemorial."

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