Affirmations Cards Deck

There are two versions of Affirmations Cards. Following is a quote from the text that accompanies the individual decks.

Heartfelt Affirmations:  These cards are created to inspire and empower us to live the life of our dreams.  what we choose to consistently focus our attention on greatly influences our lives.  we are free to choose uplifting thoughts and focus our awareness on that which inspires our true happiness.  It just takes practice.  May you elevate yourself by tapping into your own inner wisdom and affirming the truth of your soul.

Empowered Birth Affirmations:  These cards are for your inspitation and enjoyment.  They were created so that I could pass on the clarith and empowerment that cultivated my three beautiful birthing experiences.  My children were all born at home in the water, peacefully and sacredly because that is what I truly desired and due to the influence and trust of some lovely supportive beings.  I believe that we all have the power to create our own birth experience, whatever that may look like to each woman.  May you step into the stream of support that exists for you and trust your own Inner Guidance.  Giving birth is an Ultimate act of Creation as we surrender to our own Divinity.  We are so Blessed to be given this gift.  May you cultivate the Birth of Your Dreams.

The artwork on these decks is by Sat Nam and two of her children, Sequoia and Satori.

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