365 Goddesses

New in our popular 365 series: a goddess a day for reflection and inspiration, blessing and enhancing each day of the year with life-affirming magic and ritual.

The wisdom of hundreds of goddesses from all around the world, symbolizing love, fertility, healing, peace, and more, are revealed and honored in the pages of 365 Goddess, a daily guide to drawing on the ancient feminine aspects of the divine for inspiration, empowerment, and spiritual sustenance. A compact and irresistible volume, it is the ideal gift for goddess fans and anyone looking for new ways to celebrate each day.

*In the page-a-day format, each calendar day is dedicated to one goddess and her seasonal theme.

*Lively text highlights each goddess's symbols, history, and special qualities.

*A simple activity--such as ritual, prayer, or meditation--is suggested to draw on the goddess's power in matters of love, finance, health, creativity, and more.

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Category: goddess, personal growth

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