Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens, MD (DVD)

How to develop the optimal diet for spiritual life and the awakening, expansion, and liberation of consciousness.

Learn how to alchemically transform the crude body and mind into the subtle body and mind, so that our body-mind complex becomes a superconductor for the Divine. Discover how to enahnce your body and mind with the awakened use of live food and vegan nutrition. This program includes lecture and meditation.

As we become a superconductor for the Divine by the Six Foundations presented in this DVD, grace is attracted like a lightning bolt.

Dr. Cousens is a spiritual teacher coming from the direct experience of his own life and light. His teachings create the conditions for experiencing divine bliss. This is the primary motivation for liberation, as it achieves the urge to live in an unending divine kiss.

Approximate running time: 89 minutes

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