Soniko is a Musician, Artist, Visionary walking on the path of "the wise human"

Posted on December 13, 2021 by laureen barker

Soniko is a beloved, local light-worker and a loved patron of ours at Gaia. 

Soniko is offers many different programs, mentorships & is now offering a retreat his Seed Quest Virtual Retreat. This program commences on January 2nd 2022- January 17th 2022. It will start when the new moon is in Capricorn.


Soniko is a Musician, Artist, Visionary walking on the path of "the wise human". Founder of the Heart Map Experience and the VisionaryTRiBE a visionary Academy for self-empowerment and collective development. 

He's a seed carrier. His purpose in life is to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness; building bridges between the different worlds - connecting the ancient indigenous perspectives with the modern worldviews. Co-creating the galactic indigenous cosmovision of this new time with all his relations.

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Here is an excerpt from Soniko's website about his upcoming offering.

"Discover how the power of a seed gives you the exact steps to improve the quality of your life....

This practical virtual retreat will help you map out your sacred vision and plant the seeds for a harmonic holistic life.

If you are striving to connect with an inspiring vision that empowers you in a new direction.

 If you are starting a new chapter in your life then you are at the right place at the right time."



 "What you'll learn in this 14 days workshop:

 ✔The principles of AYNI

(Andean teachings)

✔The power of a vision and setting an intention from the heart.

 ✔COSMOVISION or ANYA. what does it mean and how to recognize your unique way of standing in the medicine wheel.

 ✔How to find your original birth imprint and how your stories are the key to change your life.

 ✔The indigenous frequency: what does it mean to be an indigenous human of Pachamama and how to go beyond the form, focusing on the core essence of this vibration.

 ✔Basic teachings and concepts from the core of the indigenous consciousness:

the powerful circle, the medicine wheel, teachings of number four & the eight pointed star.

✔The four areas of personal growth and human development and how to find your center. Living HERE-NOW."

"Think about how things -- babies, visions, ideas, projects, plans -- do not simply pop into existence. There is a gestation period when the seed is hidden in a safe place, where it has time to receive the vital nutrients it needs to grow. This gestation period also gives the parent or inventor time to prepare themselves for the birth. If there is a seed or idea growing within you, what nutrients will nourish its growth? What do you need to do for yourself in preparation for giving birth to whatever is gestating within you?"

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