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Posted on May 06, 2022 by Dannika Soukoroff

My passion is to guide and support Women on her path of self discovery; to be witness as she explores all aspects of her Sovereign Nature and, to hold sacred space as she heals- transmuting her pain and suffering into gold (her greatest medicines and gifts); while respecting and honouring her personal journey and timing. 

My name is Melanie Berndt....




I have lived, transformed, and been many versions of Melanie in this life. 

I offer:

✨Shamanic + Energy Healing

✨Spiritual + Cosmic counsel

✨teaching and facilitating ceremonies that honor and celebrate the Sacred Feminine and the Blood (womb) Mysteries. 

I want to share with others, what I have experienced for myself as truly and utterly transformational. 

I spent 35 years of my life pretending to always be living in the light, Being for others, the lighthouse they needed when they lost their way, or their light went out; while keeping my own needs and tending of wounds undercover, hidden in the shadows. 

one of the greatest teachings I earned in the beginnings of my spiritual journey was that living only in the light was not only inauthentic and fraudulent; it involved much more effort with a lot less gain than meeting my darkness, living there, and embracing it with love and compassion. Understanding and honouring that I cannot carry one without the other.

Over the past 20 years, I have consciously explored and incorporated various ways to access, acknowledge, and embrace the totality of who I am. Though many years of exploring various alternatives healing modalities has healed aspects of these traumas, my most profound healing and evolution occurred while in training of Shamanism with my mentor and teacher, Pete Bernard of the 8th fire. 

As I began to explore different realms of consciousness, I learned how to access and heal the deeply engrained core issues and wounds stored in my being. 

I began to remember my wild essence, my untamed spirit, and my interdependent relationship to our Great Mother, Earth; To be witness and experience Her changing seasons within my own being; to feel the ebb and flow of my own internal waters in sync with the phases of Grandmother Moon; and to fully understand and know with deep reverence, 

I am connected to All that is. 

I too, am part of the One.

My desire is to support and guide others as they journey into this realm, where the potential for deep healing happens. This place where who we are told to be overrides and rules over who we truly know ourselves to be; where our pain, issues and wounds take precedence over our dreams and desires; and where our greatest teachings and wisdom reward us with the gifts of reclamation and the remembering our essence.

4 years ago I felt a deep, soul-full  longing to explore and heal wounds associated with my birth, my relationship with my mother, my womb and the inner sacred feminine. 

I answered this call. 

I, like the moon, had phased through much light and darkness ~ Shame and self loathing (not in Las Vegas 🤪), emanating the archetype of the sacred prostitute, feeling stuck and blocked in my creative potential; and enduring the extreme physical pains of unresolved trauma and emotional wounds through my monthly menses. 

On this Shamanic path, I healed and transformed my deepest wounds. I awakened to the innate wisdom, ancestral teachings and creative potential of my Womb; alighting my flame of passion for sharing the sacredness and healing powers of the Sacred Feminine and Womb Mysteries. 

I support and invite each woman to remember, reclaim, honour, celebrate and embody the beauty, power, potent healing, and medicines she carries as she journeys and transitions through her seasons and cycles of womanhood. (maiden. Mother. Queen, Crone)

For more information about who I am and what I offer connect with me via Instagram: @revelationsofaraspberrygirl and/ or contact me through link tree:

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