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Posted on May 31, 2023 by Dannika Soukoroff


Jamie is a very talented local tattoo artist, who is also one of our most beloved friends. She has tattooed nearly everyone who works at Gaia Rising (LOL)!

Gaia: Jamie! We are so happy to be interviewing you. Tell us a little bit about yourself for those who don't know you!

Jamie: I am among the few born and raised Nelsonites that still live here and have a thriving business. After graduating from LVR, I took my Esthetics course at Selkirk and moved to Calgary. I practiced in a major salon/spa before deciding that that line of work was not for me - and neither was Calgary. I returned to Nelson, taking a complete left turn and began working for Selkirk Paving (SPL). After three years, and too many stories to retell, I returned to esthetics, deciding to open Haydaul Esthetics and offer a variety of services in the off season months and pave in the summer. Once I opened my own space, though, and started to thrive, I made the difficult decision to leave SPL and pursue Haydaul full time. 

Gaia: Tell us about your first tattoo!

Jamie: It’s a deer skull, on my back, with my last name under it. I got it when I was 18, and it’s something I now would like to cover up, only because I want a full back piece. I put my last name under it to give the piece meaning, because at the time, I felt like tattoos had to have some special meaning. (I don’t feel that way anymore. I think that the meaning of a tattoo can be as simple as I like the way it looks and I want it to be art on my body). Now I want my whole back done as a cohesive piece so, it’s time is limited. If I could go back in time I’d still get it, but probably not on my back. At 18 I hadn’t really thought about what, long term, my tattoo style would be. 


Gaia: And how did you get into tattooing?

Jamie: It all started with me getting my brows done. I had them microbladed in Kelowna, BC by the most amazing brow technician. I loved how they looked and how they made me feel when I looked at myself. Through conversations with my technician, I discovered how lucrative brows could be and decided to take the course to start offering Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing.  Once I started offering brows, I was also able to offer mini tattoos since my brow machine was a very delicate smaller version of a tattoo machine. Because the brow machine is designed to semi permanently tattoo fine lines that look like hair, the first tattoos I offered were similarly delicate and small. Which was fantastic for my business because super tiny tattoos were about to have their moment. From those early days of mini tattoos, it became obvious that people wanted tattoos and wanted me as an artist. I think the space that I offer and hold for people is a major draw and I have many repeat clients. It wasn’t long before I upgraded my machine and ultimately rebranded Haydaul as a tattoo shop.

Gaia: Tell us a little bit more about your interests and hobbies?

Jamie: When I’m not working on new art or tattooing myself, I release stress by lifting weights, redesigning my living space and tending to my growing jungle of indoor plants. Interior design is a passion and it seems like every few months (sometimes weeks) I feel compelled to redesign my home space, whether it be moving furniture in my bedroom or completely turning my living room space upside down to find the ultimate balance between comfort and style. I love cooking, especially Mexican food, and trying out new recipes that I often make myself. Makeup and skin care are also a passion of mine. I love treating myself to at home facials and will take any chance I can get to do my makeup and dress up. Expressing my personal style is probably my most favorite way of expressing myself.


Gaia: Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?

Jamie: I feel called to Tarot and Astrology, learning more about myself through learning more about the two practices. I have a few different Tarot Decks but there is one I feel quite connected to (purchased at Gaia Rising). Whenever I am feeling stuck, or maybe just need some outer validation on a decision, I shuffle the cards. I am an Aries Sun, Aries Moon and Aquarius rising. I am creative and fiery, very independent, my emotions are incredibly strong/big thanks to that massive Aries influence. 

I still haven’t landed on one specific thing that I believe in, other than that the power lies within all of us to manifest what we want in life. If we dwell on the past and negative experiences, we welcome those more readily into our lives. If we focus on the present and positive, we’ll bring more of that into being. I also believe in the flow of energy and connecting to other people through energy. Some have called me a witch, and that’s okay with me. 

Gaia: What would you like to grow about yourself in 2023? 

Jamie: In 2023, I would like to connect more with other artists and grow my network. I love working on my own, but I recognize the great power of community, not only with the opportunities that they can provide insofar as learning about tattooing and the artistry, but also just being around other people with my interests and goals. I realized this last year when I attended the Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival that I really enjoyed the experience of being part of the body modification community. I hope to attend multiple tattoo conventions this year and to make even more connections with other artists. 


Gaia: What is the most challenging part about your job?

Jamie: People. Seriously, dealing with people in any job is difficult. I think for me, dealing with people that aren’t really knowledgeable about the tattooing process or what is possible. So a big part of my job is educating people on what is and isn't possible, such as how much detail can go into what size of tattoo. Or as an artist, I really do have a strong idea of what will look good and where and in what orientation. At the same time, people are the best thing about my job. Connecting with people and giving them a piece of art that they can carry around with them for the rest of their lives, is really personal and beautiful, no matter how serious the tattoo may be. 


Gaia: What would be in your basket at Gaia Rising?


Jamie: I would have all the crystals in my basket. Probably a new Tarot deck, some jewelry, especially the rings, more incense and bath salts. Anything that smells good or looks pretty (so everything in the store).


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