Meet Luna, local Astrologer & Piscean Witch at your service!

Posted on February 21, 2023 by Dannika Soukoroff


                          Luna Veronica


Local Astrologer, Witch, Mystic.......

Gaia: Hi Luna! Such a pleasure to be interviewing you and collaborating with you! Why don't we start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself. 

Luna: I grew up going to a private Jewish school. The archaic practices of the school felt strange to me, but I always loved prayer and ritual. I realized years later that many of my students and other witchy friends of mine actually came from religious backgrounds. When I was a child I was severely bullied. As a little Leo moon child I was very sensitive to my hobbies or what I was “talented” at. My mom put me into group sports so I truly believed I had no passions or wasn’t good at anything because I hated typical sports and competition in general. In high school I was still bullied. I was an outcast, wearing Doc Martens, baggy t-shirts and giant headphones. I hung out with older people or weird artsy kids, I smoked weed, skipped class, got amazing grades and worked at a hip pizza shop that everyone in my high school ate at. In grade 10 I found out my love was Astrology but had no idea that it would be my future career path! I wanted to get out of there and find what my true calling was.  When I got older I made it my mission to find out what I was talented at. I eventually found Circus at the age of 20 and went from learning acrobatics, to finding myself through dance, to doing contortion, aerials & fire.

Gaia: How did you realize you were a spiritually attuned person?

Luna: I’m a Pisces so separating spirituality from my personhood never really felt like it was a possibility - even as a young child at the age of 5 years old I remember looking at my hands wondering how it was all possible. Life always felt magical and mystical. I always trusted my intuition. I always felt God/the Universe/my higher self, something loving and benevolent beside me guiding me to the highest expression of my life. I can’t say that spirituality and me have ever been separate, just over time I realized what it was called and truly believe everyone lived the same way as I did.


Gaia: What prompted you to study Astrology specifically?

Luna: I always resonated with astrology although I didn’t understand it’s vastness. I thought I was just a Pisces.  When I found out I had a whole birth chart, (the placement of not just the Sun when I was born but the Moon, the planets, some asteroids & more) my whole life changed. Everything started to make sense. My childhood had a story. My emotions and inner needs were explained. My core personality had a mission and purpose. I understood my challenges or shadow sides. I claimed how I wanted to dress, understanding my physical appearance according to astrology. I was given permission. No one had ever given me permission to be me, but Astrology did. I found a language that I could turn to for answers & guidance. I felt like Astrology was always with me even as a child, I just didn’t really understand what it all meant & why always wanted to talk about it. I’ve traveled all over the world and for some reason no matter what culture, language you speak, or how you were raised, people know their star signs. I remember in grade 10 my social studies teacher brought us into the library to do a presentation on Astrology and I felt high from that class. I was obsessed. I continued to study it with a girlfriend in high school (who was a hipster and looked way too old to be 15) and we use to take notes on the signs, trying to memorize their meanings.  When I tried to share my astrological realizations with people I got shut down and I learned to keep quiet. It kept calling me, kept whispering me to come back to it and eventually I couldn’t stop studying it.

Gaia: Did you always identify as a Witch? Did you ever have a hard time embracing the word ‘witch’ because of historical and cultural stigma?

Luna: I found out I was a witch through dance. After exploring spirituality with Astrology (a lot of Astrologers stay in their head and don’t go into their body to EMBODY spirit) I would cleanse myself, put on music, breathe, meditate, journal, pull some cards (this is just what came to me naturally) and I would dance. When I would dance I would start to feel everything in my heart. All my emotional experiences, my happiness, my sadness, my sense of self doubt, my fear, my joy, my love.. everything. As I would dance I would start to cry and I would continue to dance. As I continued to dance things started to get wild. I would scream, or roll around on the ground, I would cry my eyes out but continued to dance... After I felt complete I realized that I was in trance; a ritual state. I realized I was doing witchcraft. Tarot was a natural progression for me, I remember just walking into a metaphysical store like it was nobody’s business and purchasing a deck and a How To book. Astrology felt the same. It was only after my dance that I realized I was a Witch for some reason. I never had a hard time embracing it because once I realized what I was, I realized it was my divine privilege to actually spread the knowledge that reclaiming the word witch was a reclamation of power. Did I ever think I would be a professional Witch and teaching esoteric arts for a living? Definitely not but it also totally makes sense and is in my astrological chart as a potential career.


Gaia: Are there any other personal spiritual practices you have? Do you mind sharing about them?

Luna: Astrology is my number 1 spiritual practice. It completely grounds me into reality, why things are happening the way they are, what I can expect of my day, to my months, to my years, why people behave the way they do, why I behave the way I do, how I can have infinite compassion for human experience.. it literally gives me the answers to any questions I’ve ever had. It’s not really describable, it’s only experienced. Besides Astrology I dance & do ritual. I pray, I spell cast (occasionally), I do manifestation rituals, I’m still new to Herbalism but I am getting more familiar with herbs & kitchen witchery is fun! I love making funky potions like nettle tea lattes while stirring in my intentions for the day.

Gaia: Are there any spiritual philosophies, beliefs or paths you are drawn to that you would like to learn more about?

Luna: Did I mention astrology? Haha honestly it just has everything for me. So If I could understand as much as possible in this lifetime I would feel very fulfilled. I would also like to blend astrology using ritual more - which I think many Astrologers don’t do. For example if you’re wanting to get to know the planet Jupiter, a typical Astrologer would explain the significations of Jupiter in a presentation. That’s great, but what should be accompanied that is a deeper way of looking at this planet. How I teach would be about EMBODYING Jupiter. What would a Jupiter altar look like? What’s on it? What would Jupiter's personality be like? How would you invoke Jupiter? What does Jupiter feel like? What kind of offerings would Jupiter like to receive? Ect. I’m drawn to the occult & Metaphysics in general. The world of dreams & astral travel would probably be #2 on my list but I find it hard to practice lucid dreaming when I want to sleep & rest! Although I studied at a dream school in Guatemala and it was one of the most magical times of my life. I’d also like to deepen my scrying practice (gazing into a crystal ball), harnessing my psychic abilities, communicating with the dead & basically anything esoteric. Tantra is another spiritual practice I am drawn to, as I am in a soulmate relationship and I desire to enter ecstatic states of bliss through connection to the divine.

Gaia: How do you think you have grown as a person in the last year?

Luna: I am growing everyday. Literally. I feel like I’m evolving constantly. It’s amazing. In 2022 my home was still Bali, Indonesia. One day I decided that I was craving the seasons (I thought that was fully not possible after chasing the sunshine my whole life) and after a few years of a dreamy tropical lifestyle, motorbiking daily, drinking coconuts, never cooking or cleaning, not wearing a long sleeved shirt for 2 years.. I decided to come back to Canada. My intuition brought me to Nelson and from all these mystical experiences I had I knew I was going to move here. It was effortless. It was the best decision I ever made. I am unbelievably happy here and the expansion of my own belief systems blow my mind.


Gaia: What is one thing you would like to grow about yourself in 2023?

Luna: I run a multiple 6 figure business as a Witchcraft Mentor & Astrologer. When I type that it feels surreal. When I first launched my business in 2020 it was so successful that I just thought it was going to be going up up and up. I realized that being an entrepreneur is a huge journey of ups and downs. It's been the biggest test of my soul purpose, my trust in the universe & my dedication to my craft. I would like to grow my business and be a famous Astrologer. I am working towards that goal for 2023. Besides business I have a deep desire to continue to expand in love & laugher with my community and friendships, perform circus & dance at festivals, nurture the love of my partner & continue to be the sweetest, most compassionate, inspiring & helpful person I can be.

Gaia: What is your Sun sign and do you feel you relate to it? If you know what your Moon and Ascendant signs are, do you feel like they reflect in your personality?

Luna: Hahahhahaha ASTROLOGY ISN’T EVEN REAL MAN! I’m a Pisces sun (at your spiritual service), Leo moon (I’m here if you need a performer at your next event but please tell me how special and amazing I am because no one knows that I actually just want your love and validation), and Scorpio rising (was that obvious by now?).


Gaia: Where can we find more information about accessing your products and or services?

Luna: The best way to connect with me is on Instagram. My instagram is @luna.veronica.mystic - please be careful of scam accounts who try to DM you asking for a reading. If you want a reading with me please message me first. Or just message me saying you read this article so we can stay in touch! Also please feel free to say hi if you see me walking around nelson! The best way to access my readings, courses on Astrology & Witchcraft is by my Instagram and we can talk about what’s best for you. If you don’t have Instagram you can email me ( & I can send you a direct link on my website. OH also! If you like my vibe you’d probably love my podcast! You can search Words are Spells on iTunes and Spotify to listen to my witchy & taboo conversations with incredible people from all over the world.

Gaia: What would be in your shopping bag at Gaia Rising?

Luna: The largest crystal ball in the shop, The Crystal Mandala Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild, the biggest cauldron you have, ethically sourced local sage, astrology jewelry, amber incense, funny witchy stickers & anything that has a moon on it. 

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