Kari Johansen's Monthly Gaia Update

Posted on March 24, 2022 by laureen barker

                                       Kari's Monthly Gaia Update


There’s a lot of information out there on Manifestation and Law of Attraction.

Many of us have seen the fruit of childhood wishes or conscious manifestation methods come into reality. It never ceases to amaze, even if we fully expect it!

I’ve noticed, however, some important missing pieces to the modern methods of intentional Law of Attraction or manifestation.  Have you ever tried to consciously manifest something only to be left feeling disappointed or disempowered by the lack of fruition you see in the months or even years to come? Maybe some things manifest while others do not & there doesn’t seem to be a ‘rhyme or reason’. Perhaps you’re still expecting something, patiently waiting for it, even though you’re beginning to question if it will ever come about. Or you’ve just given up on it altogether. 

When I’m working with someone on their Healing & Growth, manifestation is an important part of it. Not as a focus but because we manifest all the time, whether consciously or sub-consciously. When in session, I ‘tap in’ to & translate one’s Energy Systems. What I’ve often noticed in the energy and desires to manifest is such high focus on what’s wanted and creating it, that often we can miss the mark on what's in our Energetic Parameters... [disclaimer, I’m an Energy coach not a Manifestation coach].

These parameters are vast. A combination or your overall Energy signature, your timeline (past/present/future/no time), your connections with others, consciousness and all things both seen & unseen, it’s your Soul’s “Energy Spectrum”. So, when I say “miss the mark” this is not to say there is limitation to our ability to manifest at all, in fact it is incredibly limitless, magnificent and uniquely individual. The manifestations that come from this place are indescribable … the word perfect comes to mind.

The things is, it's really not about manifestation, it’s about living our best and fullest life, a life we love, abundant in all things. It’s about how this is not only possible but allowed and encouraged by the Universe. We just have to get out of the way! To do so, we must ensure our Spirit is in the driver’s seat – where it can get a clear connection with the Soul’s frequency. The ego, who always with us, sits in the backseat (fitting, as this is where a child would sit). We must be aligned in our Heart Center with the Earth & Sky energies within which we live, and in communication with our Soul – where our Energy Spectrum meets with us on this plane. Sounds like a lot, but not really. It’s just a matter of breaking it down.

I’ve observed also, there is often a sense of control coming out of the conscious creation of our life. This is partly what gets in the way. We are free to express our Soul's desires but we must be aware that sometimes our personal translation of a desire – which begins with energies not of the mind, can be misrepresented in this modern world. It’s only with a total surrender of control that we can allow the Universe to support us in our creation – as we are BEST to receive it. Because it knows BETTER THAN US what will bring the fullest potential of the feeling we search for, i.e. whatever it is we’re trying to translate… It is very much possible to achieve that feeling without the thing we think we need to get. But we must be open to that, & our Trust & Faith in that unknown must be there.

Not adapting, keeping ridged routine, holding on, maintaining pain etc. are also a common cause of ‘manifestation hold-up’. From a state of Trust, it’s important to remember; be readily willing to adjust and let go, in order to let in what we want or need. We can most easily manage it by keeping a state of Presence as much as possible. Being present, we are best able to energetically align with all current circumstances –accepting what is, able to see adjustments to be made, and readily releasing what no longer serves us.

There are so many factors in true manifestation. Energetically, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It can be discouraging to see our manifestation unfulfilled after many years. But it’s empowering to know we can align ourselves, shift patterns causing pain or limitation, readily adapt, & clear pathways for the Universe's support. Don’t give up, know that your manifestation capacity/energy spectrum connecting you to that support is on your side. Open up to new possibilities, unknown gifts of all kinds. And hold Trust & Faith that the Universe has our back.

Kari Johansen

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