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"I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing a reading with NightWalker. Her generous heart was a clear, open channel for pertinent information from higher power. Never have I had such a surreal experience, rich with imagery, symbols & messages that in the moment, and later would become so essential in my personal growth. A reading with NightWalker is not only extremely eye opening, but sometimes the communication comes with a sense of humour and a down to Earth quality that is familiar, maybe even sometimes nostalgic. I am still blown away by my reading with Nightwalker." -Dannika Soukoroff (Gaia Rising)


Auguste AKA NightWalker is an intuitive who connects to higher realms, bringing us information that we don't always have access to in our waking world. I had the opportunity to have a reading with her and I interviewed her to learn more about her intuitive gifts.

Gaia: Hi NightWalker. Such a pleasure to be interviewing after our reading. Please, tell us about yourself....

NightWalker: Well I would say I haven't change much since I was a child. I spend a lot of time in nature with animals. I keep my friends, art and curiosities close to my heart. My grandparents were a big influence in my life. We spent most of our time in the bush berry picking or on the lake fishing. They instilled a comfort to what nature had to teach. Looking back, it is what they knew best and a silent way of being in relationship with each other and our surroundings.

My parents were pretty open about talking about psychics, paranormal, UFOs, other oddities and experiences. It was a natural evolution to explore my intuition, psychic abilities and spirituality in my teens.

Because I didn’t really know what to do with myself I ended up in Art School. I wanted to buy land and I saw a lady driving a semi truck in Chicago one day so I thought "I could do that". I dropped out of school to become a truck driver. I took the quickest and cheapest course I could find and ended up having to buy a cheap semi, because nobody wanted to hire a 22yr old girl. But I did it and headed out from Winnipeg to the Texas-Mexican border in a snowstorm. I spent the better part of 20 years learning about people and our world from the road. The opportunity to travel and really observe. I used up most of my cat lives and have many stories of civil war ghosts, spirits on the Trail of Tears and Orbs being chased by fighter jets in the Utah desert to name a few. I spent the last number of years working in animal medicine which contributed greatly to communicating with animals and navigating people’s grief. Also squeezed in plant medicine over the years too. Ultimately my life’s experiences have allowed me to be more open and perceptive.

Gaia: How would you describe the kinds of readings you do? Would you consider your work to be that of channeling or Shamanic in nature?


NightWalker: I would describe my kind of reading as a journey or a listening experience. I look at the client as my co-pilot and their soul, animal, guides, ancestors, angels and whatever else wants to help in directing me where to go and what to record.  It’s their story and what they want to share. There is a fluidity and complexity to what I am recording. Because I am a very visual person the guides use a lot of visuals to tell the story but of course they talk a lot too. Often they share in a way that is reflective to a person’s life. Say for instance a person is a performer, they may show me references of scenes, actors and movies that would be relevant to the person. It’s a little way that they create a connection between me and the client so that they can trust that I am being genuine.

Gaia: How old were you when you realized you had special intuitive gifts?

NightWalker: I think it has always been second nature. I always talked to plants, animals, saw things and had crazy dreams, so I never really realized it was something else. Later though when I became more curious I didn’t really know how to connect to my abilities because I didn’t have any direct teachers. This was kind of hard on my head. I would have psychics and elders pointing it out but that was that. I spent a lot of years passively using this ability in my everyday life but the rest of the time numbing it out. I did have this moment with a herd of elder horses where it came to me "I didn’t necessarily need a teacher, or if one wasn’t going to come forward, then all needed was to connect with the medicine person I had been in the past". This is when I started going more inward, listening deeper and compiling what I witnessed over the years. I used what I had been being passively taught, and figured out my own way.

Gaia: How did you find the name ‘Nightwalker’ to describe yourself and as a name for your work?

NightWalker: The Name NightWalker is the English translation of the Ojibwe name Dibikakbabaamose. This name was given to me in my teens when in my first Inipi (sweat lodge). I had been having many encounters with owls and had offered tobacco to seek answers. Nightwalker like Nighthawk is an owl. They can move silently in the darkness. Carrying this name and feeling more into it now that I am older I see that it is an aid to walk in both worlds, which is imperative for this work.

Gaia: Do you feel that you are in full acceptance of your abilities and offerings, or do you find you still have reservation because of general society’s ideas and beliefs around spirituality?

NightWalker: I have always had some sort of belief in myself. I feel like I am in full acceptance when I am participating with my gifts because you can’t deny the experience. I feel best sharing stories in person but maybe more reserved on social media because it is more vulnerable.

Gaia: Are there any other personal spiritual practices you have? Do you mind sharing about them?

NightWalker: The two other main practices in my life are the Inipi (sweat lodge) it has had great influence in opening up my abilities, which I am greatful for. The other main interest that I am working more with is Horse Medicine. This is partnering with horses to work on developing our intuition and utilizing this to work somatically with trauma & grief among other things. Horses are very gifted and are great mirrors.


Gaia: Are there any other personal spiritual practices you have? Do you mind sharing about them?

NightWalker: I think there will always be more interests and things to learn but at the moment I am going deeper into certain healing modalities. This probably pertains to me having disdain for the injustices in our world, and the impact it has on the people, animals and the environment.

Gaia: How do you think you have grown as a person in the last year?

NightWalker: I have grown in the way of stepping out into the world and offering my readings to the public. It has been rewarding to see the impact that I can make. It feels like a return for all the years that other gifted people have shared with me.

Gaia: What is one thing you would like to grow about yourself in 2023?

NightWalker: I feel like as we get older and have responsibilities we lose parts of ourselves that were dear to us. I would like to rekindle that relationship with myself and be in a position to give back more.


Gaia: What is your sun sign and do you feel you relate to it? If you know what your moon and ascendant signs are, do you feel like they reflect in your personality?

NightWalker: My sun sign is Pisces. I do feel like I can relate to it. I also  feel that I am fairly grounded so that would be my moon and ascendant influence, but that exact time of my birth is still in question so I won’t go into that.

Gaia: Where can we find more information about accessing your services?

NightWalker: You can email me at or find me on Instagram @nightwalker_wakingdreams. I am not always the best at posting but there are some tidbits there and you can always reach out to me with any questions.

Gaia: What would be in your shopping bag at Gaia Rising?

NightWalker: Definitely Medicine Cards, candles and some books.


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