HEART ZONES ... for those shopping in person.

Posted on April 18, 2020 by laureen barker

As a visual way to help our beloved customers and ourselves maintain a safe distance and still enjoy browsing in the shop we are testing out the HEART ZONES plan. 

  • Each colour of heart indicates a different zone.
  • There are 5 zones in the shop. (One on each side in the front: green and yellow, one on each side in the rear: blue and brown, and a central zone: hot pink, where the cashier station is located.)
  • If you need to pass someone in the center zone, where the cash station is located please talk to one another.
  • listen to the advice of staff to assist with flow and movement within the shop.

FYI, it has rarely happened that we are at maximum recommended capacity (25) but this allows family groups to be together and keep everyone safe with social distancing.

The math:

The recommendation from the Retail Council of Canada: retailers allow for physical distancing of 2 meters between people and an occupancy limit of 1 person for every 4 square meters, essential food and grocery retail stores can operate with 50 or more occupancy.  The Guidance Document for food and grocery retail is generally applicable to other retail settings.

  • The retail area of the shop is 101.455 square meters.
  • At 4 square meters per person this would allow for 25 occupancy, of customers and staff.

We ask that family groups stick together in one zone if there are other folks in the shop, or you are welcome to spread out a bit if there is room in the other zones of the shop.  Family groups will be asked to skootch together if we are crowded.

We ask that you wait outside if there is no more room in the zones.  If this is not clear please put your head inside and ask. 

Let us know if this is not working for you.  

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