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Posted on December 11, 2021 by laureen barker

Salts have always been associated with Witchcraft. The most prominent use we hear throughout the history of witches using salts is in rituals casting circles & warding off evil.

When one casts a circle with salt, they make a ring of salt outside of where they are standing and use this circle to create a safe and sacred place where they are connecting with the divine and being protected from evil entities. A witch, depending on her practice may call out the directions (North, South, East & West) and the elements (Earth, Aire, Fire & Water) associated with them. Salts can be coloured to represent the elements in the different quarters of the circle. Some may even draw the circle in chalk and not use salt at all.

Our Witch Salts are amped up with herbs & crystal sands to give them multi-use qualities! They focus your intention in your circle on your topic of choice, whilst providing protection and creating clear connection to the divine.

 Other Uses: Use for casting circles during ritual, keep in a bowl on your altar to charge personal items with intent, place under your pillow or bed in a bag or container to increase manifestation while sleeping & to invite divine messages from the Universe during dream time.




Shadow Work- Trauma, Inner Demons, Healing

Promotes healing of old, deep traumas and wounds. Helps to integrate the shadow aspects of ourselves so that we can find wholeness, acceptance, and peace within.

Carnelian sand- Offers healing from sexual traumas and healing in the sacral chakra

Amethyst sand- Offers healing from addictions that may be associated with trauma & creates a sense of connection with others so we do not become too isolated in our healing work

Mistletoe- Protection against evil energies and spirits while doing sensitive work

Five Finger grass- Ensures success in any endeavors we embark on

Frankincense- Known to exorcise evil spirits, the intent of this ingredient is to help us face our inner demons and provide spiritual protection

Peppermint leaves- Increases psychic abilities so we can connect to our ancestors and higher selves for healing

Salt- Cleansing and creating space for personal intention


Love All- Acceptance, Love, Connection

Create a deep sense of love and acceptance for all beings, including ourselves. Helps us to see imperfections, deficits and flaws through a loving and gentle lens. It allows us to see the true beauty in all.

Orris root- Super attractor of love and romance

Jericho flowers- Are known to revive love that has been lost in relationships

Rose Quartz sand- To attract love

Rose petals- For attracting love to oneself & others while providing acceptance and gentleness

Orange peel- Known as the 'Love Fruit' Oranges are great at attracting love & creating harmony in relationships

Salt- Cleansing and creating space for personal intention


Protection- Evil Eye, Energy Vampires, Negativity

Protection is a potent blend that will help protect against many forms of malice. Including but not limited to curses, hexes, evil spirits, negativity, energy vampires, evil eye and envy. You can also put this one in windowsills and doorways to prevent evil from entering your home.

Crystal sand- Cleanses negative energy

Salt- Provides protection against negative energy and specifically against evil spirits

Yarrow- Is known to be extremely protective and helps us set strong boundaries with others

Juniper- Protective against evil spirits especially

Violet leaves- Violet is know to be protective, especially against Evil Eye

Caraway seeds- Offer protection & anti-theft properties


Overflow- Wealth, Health, Abundance

Create that state of overflowing abundance! Draw in money, opportunity, friendships and a sense of security. Overflow helps you radiate an attractive state of being that makes you a magnet for all good things in life.

Citrine sand- Attracts abundance

Patchouli root- Being closely associated with the Earth is a super attractor of wealth & assists in creating opportunities to grow ones' wealth 

High John root (John the Conqueror)- Is known to be powerful in attracting abundance and assuring success in your endeavors to create prosperity

White Pine bark- Attracts abundance

Nutmeg kernel-Attracts wealth & provides luck to the user

Salt- Cleansing and creating space for personal intention


Jezebel- Lust, Attraction, Sexual Reclamation

Helps you emanate sex appeal and reclaim your Goddess energy! Make yourself magnetic to your romantic interests, draw in positive attention of those around you, bring out your inner beauty and heal sexual traumas.

Garnet sand- To increase sexual energy & vitality

Carnelian sand- Offers healing from sexual traumas and healing in the sacral chakra, reclamation of sexual power

Red Sandalwood chips- Increases lust, vitality and increases attractiveness

Violet flowers- Known to attract love and romance

Lavender- Increases lust, provides an attractive and calm demeanor, scent is known to be an aphrodisiac 

Hibiscus flowers- Hibiscus as always been known to increase attractiveness & lust in others towards oneself, in Ancient Egypt women were not allowed to drink Hibiscus tea to prevent them from increasing lust in themselves

Jezebel root- Said to attract wealthy partners, increase love and attractiveness

Salt- Cleansing and creating space for personal intention


Power- Confidence, self-esteem, purpose

Designed to help you feel into your power. Own your space, elevate your self-esteem and build confidence in all areas of your life.

Bloodstone sand- Increases self esteem and provides grounding

Salt- Cleansing and creating space for personal intention

Lemon Balm- Warming and sunny, this herb increases mood, relieves anxiety and removes self-consciousness 

Calendula flowers- Offer success and create a bright disposition

St.Johns Wort- Elevates mood

Ginger root- Helps you stand your ground, own your space, warms and strengthens the Solar Plexus energy centre (where confidence comes from) so you that you can truly feel your power



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