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Posted on December 11, 2021 by Dannika Soukoroff

Historically speaking, it is said that Witch Bottles originated mostly from the United Kingdom & the United States, with one of the earliest descriptions of a witch bottle in Suffolk, England, appears in 1681 in a book called  'Saducismus Triumphatus, or Evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions' by Joseph Glanvill.

In the old days, Witch Bottles were also commonly known in the UK as Bellarmines or Bartman Jugs and were made out of glazed stoneware. Later Witch Bottles could be made of glass & other materials.

Traditionally witch bottles were used primarily for protection against curses & hexes or for sending out curses and hexes. The person that needed protection would take a jar & put personal items in it such as urine, menstrual blood, hair or nail clippings to attract the evil energy. Sometimes Rosemary and other herbs would be added to send away the evil. Nails or pins would be added to the jar to impale the evil that was afflicting the person. The jars would sometimes be stored in the home but more often than not buried either in the victim's yard or the person that was giving them the stink eyes' yard.

We have tried to take expand on the uses for our Witch Bottles  & take a bit more of a modern, positive twist on them as we believe they are a very powerful tool! These are meant for casting spells and anchoring the energy so that you way experience magick in the most powerful ways in your life.

How to use any of the Witch Bottles (read below to learn about OUR Witch Bottles):

Carry out any personal practice your bottle to cleanse and set intention. Add something personal to the bottle (finger nails, hair…) add a personal trinket that will enhance the spell (any small heart shaped trinkets for love spell, a coin for money….) and write your intention or wishes on the Bay leaf included with a permanent marker, put the Bay leaf in the bottle. Close bottle, shake three times and burn the included candle on top of the lid, saying your wish 3 times. Bury in your yard. To enhance power of spell visit the spot you buried the bottle in and stomp on the ground 3 x daily. If you wish to keep on your altar or hidden in your house somewhere, visit the bottles 3x daily, shake bottle & repeat your intention. 

Bottle for Love: To attract both the tenderness of love & the passion of romance

Rose Quartz sand- To attract love

Garnet sand- To increase sexual energy & vitality

Rose petals- For attracting love to oneself & others while providing acceptance and gentleness

Orange peel- Known as the 'Love Fruit' Oranges are great at attracting love & creating harmony in relationships

Hibiscus flowers- Hibiscus as always been known to increase attractiveness & lust in others towards oneself, in Ancient Egypt women were not allowed to drink Hibiscus tea to prevent them from increasing lust in themselves

Lavender flowers- Lavender is a super sex attractor & the scent is known to be an aphrodisiac and especially attractive to men, the tranquility it also provides creates a more attractive & calm demeanor

Leather Heart- Represents the heart in physical & energetic forms

Red candle- To increase lust & attractiveness 

Bottle for Money: Attract money & opportunities to create wealth in your life

Citrine sand- Attracts abundance

Patchouli root- Being closely associated with the Earth is a super attractor of wealth & assists in creating opportunities to grow ones' wealth 

High John root (John the Conqueror)- Is known to be powerful in attracting abundance and assuring success in your endeavors to create prosperity

White Pine bark- Attracts abundance

Nutmeg kernel-Attracts wealth & provides luck to the user

Coin- To represent money in physical form

Green candle- To attract wealth

Bottle for Protection: Keep away energy vamps, evil eye, evil spirits & negativity with this bottle!

Crystal sand- Cleanses negative energy

Salt- Provides protection against negative energy and specifically against evil spirits

Yarrow- Is known to be extremely protective and helps us set strong boundaries with others

Juniper- Protective against evil spirits especially

Violet leaves- Violet is know to be protective, especially against Evil Eye

Caraway seeds- Offer protection & anti-theft properties

Nails- To impale evil spirits

White candle- Cleansing and purification of negative energy

Black candle- Banishing and protection



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