Dark Moon Apothecary-Bosom Bags

Posted on December 11, 2021 by laureen barker

Our Bosom Bags take inspiration from what some people know as Mojo Bags, Nation Sacks, Conjure Bags or Charms. 

Learn more about the traditional forms by clicking the link below: 


Keep our Bosom Bag in your bra, pocket, backpack, purse or anywhere else on your person to attract money, love, to promote confidence or provide protection.


->Nutmeg is a super attractor for luck & wealth

->High John Root (John the Conqueror) is known to bring prosperity, abundance & success

->Patchouli oil attracts money

->A coin to hold an energetic space for wealth

->Citrine & Green Aventurine to attract abundance


->Rose petals to attract love and tenderness in relationships

->Orange peel (Orange also known as the 'Love Fruit') emanates energies of love and promotes harmony in relationships, especially romantic ones

->Rose Quartz to increase vibration of love

->Garnet to increase sexual energy & vitality

->Nutmeg oil to attract love and promote fidelity


->Juniper is known to be extremely protective especially against evil spirits

->Caraway is protective against evil eye & theft

->Labradorite is spiritually protective

->Clear Quartz cleanses negative energy

->Lime oil is protective against evil eye & negativity


->Ginger is warming and promotes strength in the Solar Plexus energy centre, where we find our confidence and inner fire

->Witch Grass promotes happiness & luck

->Red Jasper provides grounding & confidence in ones' place in the world

->Sodalite elevates self-esteem 

->Lemon oil raises spirits & reduces depression

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